Fundraising and Communications Manager

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The Fundraising and Communication Supervisor is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing fundraising activities and communication strategies for the NGO. This role involves developing and maintaining relationships with donors, coordinating fundraising campaigns, overseeing communication channels, and ensuring effective messaging to support the organization's mission and goals. The Fundraising and Communication Supervisor will work closely with the fundraising and communication teams, as well as other departments within the organization, to achieve fundraising targets and enhance public awareness and support


  • Responsible for developing the team and implementing a comprehensive fundraising strategy to fulfill the financial needs and objectives of the organization.
  • Delegates tasks to the team, assigning them with the responsibility to identify and conduct research on potential funding sources. This includes individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies
  • Oversees the cultivation of relationships with donors and sponsors to secure financial contributions and ensure ongoing support for the organization. This involves building strong connections, fostering engagement, and maintaining regular communication with potential and existing donors and sponsors.
  • Monitors the team's activities to stay updated on fundraising trends and best practices. This helps in optimizing fundraising efforts by identifying new strategies, techniques, and approaches that can enhance the team's performance. Additionally, the supervisor provides guidance, resources, and training to ensure that the team stays informed and implements effective fundraising methods.
  • Takes charge of planning and coordinating fundraising campaigns, events, and initiatives aimed at generating donations and engaging supporters.
  • Develop comprehensive strategies, setting campaign goals, organizing fundraising events, and coordinating various initiatives to attract and motivate donors.
  • Ensure effective execution of these activities, manages timelines, and evaluates the success of each campaign or event to continually improve fundraising efforts.
  • Create compelling fundraising messages, materials, and proposals to attract donors and sponsors.
  • Collaborate with the marketing and design teams to develop impactful fundraising collateral.
  • Manages donor stewardship activities, including acknowledgments, recognition, and ongoing communication.
  • Responsible for maintaining a donor database that contains accurate and up-to-date records of donor interactions, contributions, and preferences.
  • Implement strategies to cultivate and retain donor relationships, including personalized communication and tailored stewardship efforts.
  • Maintains regular communication with donors to provide updates on the organization's activities, impact, and funding needs. This involves crafting and disseminating newsletters, impact reports, and other relevant materials that showcase the organization's accomplishments, initiatives, and the positive outcomes of donor contributions.
  • Supervise and provide guidance to the fundraising and communication teams, including goal-setting, performance evaluation, and professional development.
  • Foster a collaborative and supportive work environment that encourages innovation and high performance.
  • Coordinate with other departments within the organization to ensure alignment and collaboration in fundraising and communication efforts.


  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Management, Communications or any related course With at least 3-5 year experience in Marketing (Experience in a nonprofit setting is an advantage) Keen to details, organized, meticulous and hardworking Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Has the ability to communicate with people and is confident with presentations Knowledgeable in budget management Preferably with background in content creation, photography and graphic design. The required skills for the Fundraising and Communications Manager include the following: Communication skills: writing dynamic funding proposals and inspiring people to commit to the cause in question. Interpersonal skills: constantly interacting with people, persuading them of the value of Sorok Uni Foundation. Research skills and attention to detail: sourcing information and statistics, researching trends, assessing costs. Creativity: idea generation is important and has to be purposeful and aligned with the goals set for each project. Resilience and flexibility: regardless how tough it gets, the Manager has to be able to push through, be agile and creatively resourceful. Leadership skills: can lead, influence and inspire people towards achievement of the goals set regardless whether it is a project or the cause of the foundation. Managing skills: can plan, control and direct proper actions in handling and procuring resources.